"A good meal is like a present, and it can feel goofy, at best, to give yourself a present. On the other hand, there is something life affirming in taking the trouble to feed yourself well, or even decently. Cooking for yourself allows you to be strange or decadent or both. The chances of you liking what you made are high, but if it winds up being disgusting, you can always throw it away and order a pizza; no one will ever know." (Jenni Ferrari-Adler)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Carrot Ginger Soup

Its been a while since i've wanted to try making this soup. I went thru tons of recipes, most of them containing potato or cream.  So I decided to recreate this classic in a light version.  I can tell you that it turdned out as delicious as the real one, but with half the fat and the calories.
I also added some cayenne pepper for extra spice (if you read my prior entry, i've been sufering from Edema and paprika is supposed to help clear the system), but again I live alone and I love spicy.  Next time i'll try adding some of the orange juice and see what happens.  The ginger added as a garnish adds the extra flavor.  If you dont want to add it at the end, i suggest adding some more while cooking otherwise the taste may be too mild.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.  Let me know how you liked it.

(serves 4-6)

 3Tbs olive oil 
1 large yellow onion
1 large garlic clove
6 carrots (peeled and cut in pieces)
zest of 1/2 orange
4 cups of water
1 tsp paprika
1/4 tsp nutmeg
1Tsb ground Ginger 
Salt & Pepper to taste

Add Olive oil, onion (quartered) and garlic to TM cup and program 5sec/ speed 5. Then program 3min/100C/3.  
Add carrots and program 5min/100C/2. 
Add water, salt and orange zest and program 16min/Varoma/3.  It carrots are 100% cooked  add another couple min before pureeing, if you want to obtain a velvety consistency. Add ginger, paprika and nutmeg replace cup for basket and program 7min/varoma/2 (add more time if needed until desired consistency is obtained.

No TM, no problem!
In a pan add water, carrots and salt, cook in  medim heat until carrots softern (dont do it over high hear to preserve as many vitamins as possible).

Meanwhile, heat up a skillet with olive oil, sautee onions and garlic til golden. reserve.

When carrots are ready, add sauteed onions and garlic to pan, orange zest, ginger, paprika and nutmeg. transfer to a blender, blend all ingredients till it obtains a velvety consistency.  Tranfer all liquid back into the pan, and allow it to simmer in medium heat, uncovered, until desired consistency is obtained.

Serve hot garnished with ground ginger and black pepper.
Enjoy! =D

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  1. YOU have a thermomix! So so cool!!! I just found you on my facebook page and decided to check you out I don't think you have commented on my site, or I would remember you. I usually check out everyone that checks me out? :) This soup looks deadly. I LOVE MY THERMOMIX ES! Yes, I have two. Silly, eh? But I love them.


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