"A good meal is like a present, and it can feel goofy, at best, to give yourself a present. On the other hand, there is something life affirming in taking the trouble to feed yourself well, or even decently. Cooking for yourself allows you to be strange or decadent or both. The chances of you liking what you made are high, but if it winds up being disgusting, you can always throw it away and order a pizza; no one will ever know." (Jenni Ferrari-Adler)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Master Cleanse (day 8 0f 10)

It is still hard to believe I have stuck to the plan.... Hi-5 N.! Well Done!

But is it time to start eating yet? My tongue is numb from so much lemonade.....

I never, ever , ever , ever repeat the same food, specially when cooking at home.  You can ask whomever and they'll tell you I always have some novelty on my plate.  And as the most food adventurous member of the family, i think that what has been torturing me since yesterday.... 7 days eating the same food, really? So not like me! I already felt bad for people who cannot cook and think of an oven as shoe storage.But now I feel even more..... poor thing eating your daily broccoli and salmon.

I think this liquid diet is making me appreciate food a lot more. Also no more eating in front of a computer or reading a book. Meal time is sacret time. 

oh boy, I cant wait for monday =D

"Dear God, please FF the clock!
thanks a million,

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  1. olá, já falta pouco :) estás já com muita vontade de comer comida sólida, imagino que sim :)
    beijinhos e força*


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