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Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Master Cleanse Journey (Days 2 of 10)

Hello everyone,

Proud to announce I have survived the 2nd day.  As you remember from my previous post I wasn't feeling so well at night. Well the malaise kind of stayed with me throughout the night and into the second day.

I had a horrible night and the worse headache ever.  This headache was interesting in that it would disappear for a couple min and then come back full force. Literally I felt like i was going crazy.  I may have been feverish too or at least thats how i felt like as my body went from chills into bursts of heat.  Then at about  or 5:30ish AM I got up to get some water.  Had 2 glasses went back into bed and maybe 30min later I basically barfed out the water i had just had and some residues of cayenne pepper.  This was when i finally was able to fall asleep for a couple hours.  The headache however persisted and lasted until about noon. I thought about giving up at least 200 times.  I guess what really helped me stick to it was the fact that i'm blogging about it (there is some sort of responsibility that comes attached :)) the support of friends specially those who have been thru it and know feeling horrible is part of the process.

Because of the tummy trouble I decided not to do the internal salt bath.  Looking back i think i should have but anyway it was then too late to go back.

So at about 2pm I started with my daily functions.  And what a day! I felt fantastic.  Had tons of energy and was very very calm.  My skin also began to clear up and its a lot softer than what it was before I started.  I even ended up going out for Tea with my friend K.

The only thing i could not accomplish was to drink the 12 glasses of lemonade.  Day 2 i had about 8 glasses and calorie wise i think that is too low.  Will try the target again today.

Stay tuned for day 3


  1. wow estive a ler os 3 post anteriores, bem que coragem rapariga e' preciso muita forca de vontade mesmo, e eu compreendo a necessidade de fazeres isso neste pais e' complicadissimo a pessoa se alimentar bem, nos tentamos o fazer, fazemos o mais possivel refeicaoes em casa, comemos muito salmao e galinha e carne de vaca e' tipo uma vez por mes... e mesmo assim sinto que de vez enquanto precisava de de algo mais...
    boa sorte
    PS: depois envio te a receita da francesinha, nao e' a original mas e' tipo francesinha a minha moda lol e' mais saudavel
    e acredito que o teu irmao faca uma pipa de guito com os VS no Brasil eles sao doidos por tudo o que vem dos USA lol
    bjinhos e estou contigo

  2. :) thanks girl... i am on a mission!

    Eu tb de ha mais ou menos um anos p ca comecei a comer em casa 85% das minhas refeicoes, e amo, pq amo a minha comida! e eh muito mais saudavel q qqr restaurante alguma vez sera. Mas isto sao anos de comer mal, acredita a 5 dias ando a liquidos e ainda me saem solidos LOL

    Tou ansiosa pelas francesinhas :) domingo e o meu ultimo dia.


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