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Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Master Cleanse Journey

Hello everyone
Today is day Zero of my journey to better health and mastery of the mind.

Some of you who follow me on facebook may
know this but if you don't, I've been researching different cleanses for quite a while now.  I've actually try to undergo a juice cleanse a couple years ago, last year i tried a cleansing system from Wholefoods (cannot remember the name) but could not handle the ingestion of 20 different pills on a daily basis, my life is already too complicated to remember that at lunch i'm supposed to take the kidney and liver pill but not the colon. Too much information, too many chemicals, i don't remember having lasted 2 days.

So about the Master Cleanse:
1. Yes I am nervous about the decision
2. Yes it seems crazy to live on liquid for 10 days
3. Yes I know several people who have been on it
4. Yes they are all still alive
5. Yes some of them could not handle it for 10 days
6. And yes most of those who succeeded do it at least once a year to clear the system.

Why am i doing this?
Well because i am trying to declutter, re-energize and jump-start my life.  For the past several years i've exposed my body to radiation, smoke, pollution, chemicals and genetically modified foods (unfortunately this i did not even know until recently).  I've denied my body exercise and though since last year I've been cooking my own food on a daily basis, for a long long time I was feeding on Wendy's Spicy Chicken Sandwich (extra hot) and Panda Express Orange Chicken (I hope it is orange).

So besides wanting to clear my body from all toxins ingested in the past almost 33 years of existence, I hope this cleanse also helps clear my brain. Call me crazy but for some reason spiritually I feel my best when I'm in control of my life, w hen i look in the mirror and i think to my self "WOW..... hot hot hot MAMA", when my skin is beautiful and clear and my eyes irradiate life.

According to Stanley Burroughs ( the father of the Master Cleanse), one should undergo the cleanse " To dissolve  and eliminate toxins and congestion that have formed in any parts of the body (...) to remove pressure and irritation in nerves, arteries and blood vessels" (The Master Cleanse, pg16)

oh did i mention my cholesterol os high.......

Am I planning on going vegetarian after the cleanse?
Not exactly.  I've been eating more and more vegetarian meals however i love meat.  Unfortunately after watching the movie Food Inc, I became a little more concerned with the quality of the meat found at our local grocery stores so I chose instead of eating crappy meat on a daily basis, to treat myself to a great expensive piece of grass fed steak once in a while. I've also decided to eat more fish (for the iron) but only wild caught, and eat more organic fruits and vegetables.... well it is expensive to eat well but when you eat quality you need less quantity.

What results do I expect form this cleanse?
Here is what I expect:

1.  The death to black circles under my eyes

2. Healthier Hair and Nails

3. Healthier skin (want my picture perfect skin back) 

4. More energy, I wanna be able to dance non-stop for 5 hours in a row

5. To put an end to Edema and bowel movement issues

6. More focus and self-control

7. Overcome my addiction to Dairy and French fries (main causes of the high cholesterol)

I've been blogging about this journey for the next 10 days.  I'm also implementing a few other changes to my life style and blogging on ridding one self from material and spiritual clutter.

Lastly I would like to thank Babe, Jannette, Karen, Sandy and Pinkk Candy for your good vibes and wishes of success. And Mom, Ricky and his coworkers and Claudia for Joining me in this endeavor. Thank you all soooooo much.

Alright, have a wonderful night, I'm going back to my last glass of wine of the next 2 weeks :)

A domani!


  1. Crazy girl ~ GOOD LUCK !!!
    r0bert r0mer0

  2. I wish you the best results and admire your courage!!!

  3. Bem que bel aventura em que te vais meter , eu não conseguia.
    Que atingas todos os objectivos


  4. :) Thanks Everyone.
    I cant tell you the taste is kinda funky need to go lighter on the pepper eheheheh

  5. Boa sorte! Venho cá sempre acompanhar-te :-)



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