"A good meal is like a present, and it can feel goofy, at best, to give yourself a present. On the other hand, there is something life affirming in taking the trouble to feed yourself well, or even decently. Cooking for yourself allows you to be strange or decadent or both. The chances of you liking what you made are high, but if it winds up being disgusting, you can always throw it away and order a pizza; no one will ever know." (Jenni Ferrari-Adler)

Monday, January 31, 2011

This weekend in photos

Have I mentioned i love my new cellphone?

Nothing like ending the workweek like this

This was friday nights dinner, my favorite lazy meal, I call it breakfast for dinner.

Fresh of the stove top...  sunday night

Not documented were my saturday sushi date with M. Gastronomic challenge of the night.... sea urchin... (tastes like ocean dust.... whatever you can imagine ocean dust tastes like); and wine tasting at the portuguese restaurant in Sherman Oaks :D, it was a blind tasting.... my favorite wine was actually from Spain.... ups!

I also baked a batch of brownies.... not too happy with the result.... will bake another batch tomorrow..... either i really suck at this baking thing or i really rather have sea urchin than brownies

Oh and MAJOR highlight of the weekend....... one of my dreams came true... I'm now the owner of a Kitchen aid Artisan stand mixer just like this one...... :D

Thanks MOM!!!! you are the "Best-est". I'll take really good care of your baby!

Am I a lucky bitch or what?
Good night everyone!


  1. Realmente! Bitch!!! (carinhosamente falando, claro!) LOL

  2. Wine from Spain... tell me more!

  3. Comer e beber! Tão simples como isto! E tão bom!
    Célia Matos

  4. what a nice weekend :D

    loved your photos, especially the first one, beautiful.

    your new Kitchen aid Artisan stand mixer looks really cool, kind of vintage and I only can imagine what a true cooker, like you are, must feel about having such a nice mixer.


  5. @ Luciana... vou perguntar a ela especificamente a colheita e tudo. eu sou mega fa dos vinhos espanhois e p acaso recomendei que escolhesse uns qtos sao mesmo muito bons. O argentino q ela tinha la pelo meio era ranhoso.... nunca bebi um vinho argentino mau.. fiquei admirada mas sabia a sumo de uva aguado... meio estranho. coloco mais detalhes sobre vinhos em breve.

    @Celia.... ai ai ai qd o Edgar sair do forno..... vou preparar a vinha variacao de mimosa com nectar de pera, cardamomo e sake de pera e gengibre..... tou ansiosa. ja tenho a garrafa. aguardo a chegada do edgar... eu ajudo-te no pumping LOL

    @Pinkk Candy ... sooooo excited about the mixer.... there are no more excuses for not baking :D now i need to because the mixer needs to be loved :D. I'll be ordering a pasta attachment soon...(maybe next month) home made pasta is on my list :D.

  6. @ Pinkk All photos were taken with my cell. The very first one was in Malibu friday after i left my client's office ..... i love going there too bad its only once a year

  7. I am sure you are going to absolutely LOVE your Kitchen Aid artisan. I have the exact same one and could not imagine my life without one! And amazing how those photos turned out from a cell camera, you certainly have the eye!


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